• You have to choose the food supplements or cosmetics that you want and then specify the sample sizes of the products or contact the officer by calling or 24 Hrs. Hotline: 089-492-1111

  • After testing the products, you must specify the quantities, packages and logos of the products. You can ask our officer if you have any question about packaging.
  • A quotation stating all expenses will be prepared and sent to you.
  • You must pay for 50% of the total price stated in the quotation for the deposit.
  • Your brand name will be registered with the FDA.
  • Your products will be manufactured while designing their labels, logos and packages.
  • The labels will be attached to the products, and then the products will be packaged.
  • After the production is complete, the company will inform you about product information and ask you to pay for another 50% of the total.
  • The products will be delivered to you. The delivery charge will be calculated according to the rates commonly used by private companies.

Hotline: 089-492-1111 Office : FAX :