• Product Formula Development

    F.VER – We select natural extracts from local and foreign sources in order to provide quality and safe products. The company has researched and developed various formulas for customers to choose. The prices of products are calculated from the formulas and quantities of mixtures (e.g. 500 mg per capsule). We have also developed formulas according to customers’ requirements in order to make your satisfy of the best products and prices.
    - The minimum service charge for researching and developing a formula is 5,000 baht.

  • Registration with the Food and Drug Administration

    F.VER provides a registration service with the FDA in order to save your time and simplify documentation. The procedures are as follows.
    - The service charge for the registration with the FDA is 20,000 baht / product (for food supplements). The service takes about 60 working days. Your brand name will be used for the registration.
    - Any customer who wants to change the name of the registered product can ask the company to submit a petition to change the name. The service takes about 30 working days. The service charge is 5,000 baht / product.

  • Production Service

    F.VER – We carefully conduct all production processes under international standards including GMP and Halal. We have modern and standard machines. We employ QC (quality control) officers to check our products before delivering them to our customers in order to ensure the qualities of the products.
    - Production duration: 15 – 30

  • Packages

    F.VER provides several packages for you to choose. Packages include glass bottle, plastic bottle, aluminum foil pack, blister pack and capsule. The sizes of the packages are dependent on customers’ requirements such as 10/30/60/90 capsules per pack. We can also find special packages that you want with affordable prices. If you want to find your own packages, then you can send the packages to us and let us pack your products.

  • Design

    F.VER has a graphic design team that can help you designing outstanding products according to your requirements including label, logo, package, brochure, catalogue, poster and magazine ads.
    - The minimum service charge is 10,000 baht.

  • Marketing Consultant

    F.VER provides a marketing consultant service for preparing your businesses.

  • After-Sales Service

    F.VER has support teams that can product after-sales services for you since you are our important person.


  • Capsule and Tablet Packaging Services

    We can fill medicines such as herbal powder, extracts and food supplements into capsules according to your requirements including specific weights.

  • Repacking Service

    We can pack tablets, capsules and bottles of food supplements or herbs in germ-free rooms. We can also fill tablets into different sizes of blister packs covered with foil at the back. Moreover, we can label the packages and print the manufacture and expiry dates on the labels.

  • Registration Service with the FDA

    We provide a registration service with the FDA in order to develop consumer trust in your products and make the products comply with relevant standards. We can also send samples of food supplements to the organizations authorized by the FDA to analyze the samples.

  • Package Provision Service

    We can acquire packages for food supplements and cosmetics from quality and standard sources with appropriate prices.

  • Label and Print Design Services

    We can design labels, brochures, posters and marketing media for promoting your products.

  • Marketing Consultant Service

    We provide a marketing consultant service for our customers. The service includes preparing information and analyzing products’ strengths and weaknesses.

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